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You take care of your Customers, Let StudioMart care your Studio

StudioMart is the first software which administrates the Studios' day-to-day activities. StudioMart enables a strong bond between Studio Owners and every Customers of your Studio.

StudioMart Promotes your Business

"Customers are the most important people to our business” , by keeping this in mind, our StudioMart giving provisions to greet them on their occasions like birthday, Marriage Anniversary and other common functions like Pongal, Diwali, Christmas and New Year as well as Studio Owners can send SMS about their offers and discounts provided by Studio.

StudioMart manages not only your Studio and Customers but it is also tracking all the activities of the Studio even the Studio Owner is not physically available in the Studio. Studio Owners may know these type activities of their studio even they are in outstation just by internet facilitated Mobile Phones or Tablets or Lap-tops.

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  • Dashboard

  • Service Order

  • Calendar

  • Payments

  • Customer

  • Photo Gallery

New Features

Empowered Quick Order

Quick Order is more powerful in its functionality and more easier in its User Friendliness. There is no need to click Quick Order icon everytime and it will remain in screen till you close it. Quick Order is now GST and
non-GST enabled.

StudioMart is GST enabled

StudioMart is now GST enabled Studio Management Software. You can generate GST billing here. You can set your and your customers' GST numbers and can show those information in billings. Finally you can generate and view your GST reports. Non-GST customers also can enjoy the previous billing system as before GST era.

Customized Amount Information for Order and Enquiry

You can customize the amount information now for the order and enquiry as you wish. Your quotation to your customers can have amount information for each and every service or for the whole services or it may be hidden. Likewise, you can show the order amount information for each and every services or only the whole amount.

Select your choice of printers from anywhere

You can select your printer types to print the generated bills of StudioMart from any page now. For your easiness, StudioMart provides you the choice of Printer types selection in all the pages' bottom. No need to go to Settings page every time to change the printer type.

New Stylish and User Friendly Welcome Page

StudioMart Landing or Welcome page is now attractively designed. This is not only done for attraction but also for User Friendliness. You can select the most useful features from Welcome screen itself. This makes your tasks easier and reducing the number of mouse clicks everytime.

Album is now on Android Mobile also

No more Computer system is requied for your customers to view their albums and just their mobile phones enough. A new Android app 'FotoLeaf' launched by StudioMart and it is now free for StdioMart users. You can share the albums to your customers and they can view their albums in mobile wherever they are.

Our Pricing

StudioMart 360 Plan
  • Keep a track on Daily Events

  • No limits of studio Services

  • Unlimited Studio Orders

  • Maintain Income and Expense

  • Manage your Customer Information

  • Track and Maintain Studio Accounts

  • Transactional and Greeting SMS to Customers

  • Complete Business record and generate Reports

  • Work with secured login for each individuals

  • Keep your employees information to know their skills

  • Share e-album to your Customers

Your subscription :

  • Includes :
  • One year subscription for One Studio
  • 100 SMS
  • 100 MB Storage

Every Studio has different Style and Level of Business. We assure that we will serve and fulfill all types of business and studio Owners. Here, We provide Three types of Plans and each has its unique features to fulfill the Studio Owners need.


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Actual Price Rs.


Actual Price Rs.

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